Study Tip: Index cards

Index cards as quick and easy study and revision books. By: Shada Hamed

Throughout your journey in the IB program you will start to develop your own methods and tricks to revise and study that work best for you. Developing your own way to study and revise is important to being successful in the IB program as there is not one distinct way to do so. One method that many students found useful and helpful in our year of the IB program is to create easy and simple revision books from index cards. These can include important information that you must know in regards to the topic or test you are studying and revising for. Although these revision books might not contain as much detail as your textbooks they contain important information that you can access in a fast and simple way. These can be extremely helpful when you have to study for a test that contains a lot of information as these revision books allow you to focus on the information that you must know rather than all of the little details.

How to create:

  1. State what you need to know one side of the index card

  2. On the other side of the index card write the ‘answer’ to it, and or any other relevant information that you think you must know


  • Use a spiral bound index card or tape the index cards like a book

  • Use diagrams and pictures

  • Use colors for example in the form of highlighters or pens

  • Underline and highlight

  • If there is something else that you think you would find useful or other information that did not quite fit on the page you can use a sticky note and put it on top of that index card

The following are two examples of revision books made by Hyunji Shin and I, for topic 10 (organic chemistry) in Chemistry HL.