About us


I am Shada Hamed, the founder of IB Guide. I started this website as a CAS project with my friends: Hyunji Shin, Mackenzie Davis, Abby Ebalo, Ava Maleki, Emma Gu, Foluke Akinkunmi, Olivia Liu, Leon Yu, and Jan Gao. We are all as of 2019, current grade 11 IB students studying in Canada. We wanted to create a website that hosts notes made for the upcoming 2021 examinations, resources and tips that can be useful for all IB students worldwide. 


Our mission is to create a place where other students can find notes, whether they missed a lesson, couldn’t keep up, or just want extra support! The notes we will be posting will consist of both classroom examples as well as textbook. This is a place where students can de stress and find what they are looking for, without the hassle of checking ten websites and still not finding what they need. The notes will be posted topic by topic. In addition to notes we will be posting many helpful and useful resources such as videos, websites and books that can be used when studying for a specific course and topic. Lastly we will be posting tips that we believe in greatly, that can help you in your journey with IB. I ask that you share the website to IB students you know, or anyone who this could be of help to.  If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to get in contact with me.  Thank you and happy revising:)